Encounter 11 | Be Generative

Encounter 11 | Be Generative

March 3-5, 2011

Downtown New York City


Encounter 11 | Be Generative is the 20th anniversary conference of International Arts Movement. It is for thinkers, skeptics, artists, patrons, singers, dancers, musicians, clergy, business leaders, students, professionals, and other creative catalysts.

Encounter 11 | Be Generative will inspire each of us to engage our fragmented and dehumanized cultures and, by thinking creatively and generatively, bring forth a more whole and beautiful world.

Encounter 11 | Be Generative is a place for all to gather, to wrestle with the questions of our time, to be inspired by performances, lectures, exhibitions, panel discussions, and one another, to break down barriers and make connections, to discover new opportunities, to be challenged, to be affirmed, and to create the world that ought to be.


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