Imago’s Holy Week 2011 Art Show @ Houston’s First Baptist Church

Imago is hosting the third annual Holy Week Art Show at Houston’s First Baptist Church.  This year’s theme is ECHOS.   Each piece is inspired by a sermon preached at the church in 2010, echoing the Word of God from the artist back to our congregation through the medium of the Arts.

16 amateur and professional artists will create work in multiple styles
and mediums.

Alicia Ashdown
Allison Fox
Beth Brubaker
Dana Helbling
Eric Hartley
Eric Ober
Fredna Manney
Jack Potts
Jeff Austin
John Robertson
Laurie Pearson
Linda Moore
Lori Latham
Mark Nasso
Omar Gonzalez
Wendy Smith

ECHOS will run from April 10th through Easter Sunday (April 24th), 2011.
Meet the artist reception is on April 13th from 6-8pm in the main foyer on the west side of the church.  For those interested in learning more about Imago, an informational meeting will be held on May 7th in the Garden room from 7-9pm.

Below the “ECHOS HOLY WEEK 2011” book will be on sale at HFBC for $40.
It displays the artists’ work for this show. Proceeds go to IMAGO Houston, which engages artists and the Arts for the Glory of God.

ECHOS HOLY WEEK 2011 book cover

ECHOS Schedule:
ECHOS show: 04/10-24 (M-F, 8am-5pm. Sun 8am-8pm) in the west foyer.
“Meet the Artist Night”
04/13 from 6-8pm

Imago informational meeting and coffeehouse: 05/07 in the Garden room (NE corner of church behind gym) from 7-9pm.

Address of church:
Houston’s First Baptist Church
7401 Katy Freeway, Houston 77024

Web address:

What is Imago?
A welcoming community for Christian artists and art lovers to explore the intersection of life, the Arts, and faith.

for more information about imago, email us at

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  1. Nice ECHOS logo…will there be imagery inside the letters? Looking forward to the art exhibit!

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