First Annual IMAGO Art Retreat August 20-21

Sign-up is now open!

When: Saturday 8/20 @ 10am to Sunday 8/21 @ noon.
Where: Hunt Retreat Center  (34711 Hunt Road, Brookshire, TX)
Speaker: Christy Tennant, Director of the International Arts Movement department on Global Community and Engagement


Topic: Criticism: A Knife that Wounds Can Also Sharpen
In this artists’ retreat, we will take an honest look at how nonconstructive criticism can wound and damage artists and cause blocks in the creative process. Then, having addressed these “arrows,” we will go on to explore how to give — and receive — criticism in a way that is healthy and helpful. To finish, we will consider what we can learn about our own creative processes by looking to God himself, the ultimate Creator, whose image we bear.
– Christy Tennant
+ “How to critique art” — by Christy Tennant
+ Art Journal & Artist Trading Card workshop — by Beth Brubaker
Cook: Jenny Higgins
Cost: $125
Contact: To sign up or request additional information,
please email John at
Where: Hunt Retreat Center in Brookshire, Texas.
Deadline for sign up EXTENDED:  August 14th
9:00 AM – Check-In
10:00 AM – Introduction of speaker
10:10 AM – Part I: The Knife That Cuts
12:00 PM – Lunch
1:30 PM  – Art journal and trading card workshop
3:30 PM – Part II: The Knife That Sharpens
5:30 PM – Dinner
7:00 PM –  Criticism workshop:
9:00 PM – Free time (board games, musical jam session, poetry reading… basically anything you want to do)SUNDAY
8:00 AM – Breakfast
9:00 AM – Worship time (with original worship songs by Christy Tennant)
9:30 AM – Part III: The Creator Whose Image We Bear
11:30 AM – Introduction of Imago “Quarterly Critiques” by Eric Hartley
12:00 PM – Clean up and Depart

Other information:
Sleeping arrangements:
– Girls get their own beds and a roommate (each bedroom has it’s own bathroom)
– Guy’s all bunk in the same room.
–  Just like a real summer camp!

What to bring:
– Sheets and pillows
– Favorite Dessert and Snacks
– Favorite Board games
– Musical instrument (if you play) or poetry, etc. to share.

– Favorite cheap art supplies for the art journal/trading card workshop
– Towels

One response to “First Annual IMAGO Art Retreat August 20-21

  1. Looking forward to this retreat!!!

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