Intro to Theological Aesthetics: Lesson 2 Podcast

Podcast #2 from Christi Williams, PhD.  in the series, Intro to Theological Aesthetics.  This lesson covers several medieval period philosophers.

One response to “Intro to Theological Aesthetics: Lesson 2 Podcast

  1. Thank you so much for posting these studies online. I cannot tell you how helpful they have been. They have touched a place in my soul that has been longing to be spoken to. For the last year I have been on an exploration of me as an artist, what that looks like as a Christian, what do I do with it. I have been “curious.” I do not have answers yet, don’t know if I ever will. But I do know now, that whatever I do, I need to do it to the glory of God, and not myself. I believe that God sent me on this journey, gave me the permission to go. He pursued me relentlessly because I am His child and because He knew I would return to Him and with a renewed faith and hopefully some intensified skills that I can use for Him.

    Susan Salter

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