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Fall Semester, Part 2 has begun!


Who: Everyone!*

When: Wednesday nights from 6:30 – 8 pm from October 12 through November 16th **

Where: Houston’s First Baptist Church, room 404 (Google Map)

*Free childcare and activities for kids are available at the church during this time.

**Dinner is available for purchase in the MidLink cafe at the church from 4:45 to 6:15 pm in the Fellowship Center.

Join us in a six week study as we work through five questions faced by artists who are believers, outlined below:

  1. 10/12 What is Christian art?  (led by John Robertson, IMAGO Director)
  2. 10/19 What are my artistic boundaries as a Christian? (led by Eric Reed, IMAGO founder)
  3. 10/26 Has God called me to be an artist? (led by Natalie Aguilar, Leadership team)
  4. 11/02 Is the quality of my art important to God? (led by John Robertson)
  5. 11/09 What do I do when I’m not inspired? (led by Allison Fox, IMAGO Assistant Director)
  6. 11/16 Creative time where participants engage in art making and build off of prior classes. IMAGO will provide art supplies. (led by Allison Fox)

Happy New Year! Brian Hardin’s Daily Audio Bible/Artwork

A great way to start 2012 with a podcast listening to the whole bible everyday throughout the year. Brian Hardin is the voice speaking the Word everyday on the Daily Audio Bible, he is also an artist and photographer (see his portfolio).

About Brian: He may be best known for founding Daily Audio Bible, the revolutionary Scripture podcast, downloaded nearly 40 million times, but Brian Hardin is truly a man of many hats. With his trademark soul patch of whiskers and wisps of hair framing his face, the Nashville creative rose to recognition throughout the Christian music industry producing for the legendary likes of Larry Norman to modern radio regulars like Jill Parr and Manic Drive, earning hundreds of album credits and a healthy collection of Grammy and Dove Award nominations. Along the way, he branched out into photography, landing everything from music industry publicity shots to portraits and corporate portfolios, alongside an eye for graphic design that found his work featured in Time, CCM, Christian Retailing and Gaither Homecoming (to name a mere handful). It was from within these extraordinary accomplishments that an unexpected professional blow set Hardin on a path toward restored faith, and eventually, vocational ministry.

I hope you have a blessed 2012!

Jeff Austin

IMAGO Artist Retreat 2011 (audio sessions by Christy Tennant)

If you missed the IMAGO Retreat held at the Hunt Retreat Center on
August 20-21, 2011, you can now listen to all 3 Sessions by Christy Tennant, Director of Engagement for International Arts Movement.
Bonus: PDF Twitter Presentation (see link below)

Session 1 The Knife That Cuts

Session 2 The Knife That Sharpens

Session 3 The Creator Whose Image We Bear

Twitter Presentation

Kenneth Scott Peters: Rhythm of Prayer

Listen before you buy!

Download for just $10

Just go to or click on the CD art. Download Rhythm of Prayer and support your local artist! Enjoy!

“If you have listened to the new album I would love to hear from you. This music was quit a departure for me and any feedback would be very much appreciated. Be well.”
Kenneth Scott Peters (former IMAGO fearless leader)

Amazing 12 year-old art prodigy

She started painting at 6 years old and her inspiration to paint started at 4.

Tony Melendez plays guitar and sings (english subtitles)

What a beautiful story of how the Lord has truly blessed this man. Born in Nicaragua without arms and a club foot and living most of his life in the United States, this man inspires to never give up!

Creativity and Safety are Incompatible

And the people said AMEN.  Check out this article by Cole NeSmith from Relevant magazine. – John

Why creativity is a dangerous—and necessary—process.

We live in a culture consumed by safety. There are organizations completely dedicated to making sure we’re safe while working and traveling and eating and doing just about any other common practice. And, being good westerners, we’ve allowed our cultural obsession for safety to define our lives as Christians.

We’ve spent the last several hundred years sterilizing our relationship with Christ into a religion that is neat, defined, predictable … and might I say, systematic? We’ve worked hard to eliminate as much of the unknown as possible, and we wonder why we feel distant from a God who exists in the mysterious. We try to compensate with our heads by creating large educational institutions where we can further define and attempt to know God intellectually…(read more)