Contact Us

Email John Robertson or Eric Reed at IMAGO.
Call Eric Reed at 713-957-7680

2 responses to “Contact Us

  1. I am a member of HFBC. I am interesting Imago! I have send the artwork there at my church when they had a showing. I did fill out the application of interest twice but received no response back. I do pencil, pen, paint, and quilt art. I do have some pieces on flickr to show what I have done already! If you like any of the stuff I have on, than please call me at 281-815-3273 or email me at the adress you see. And I am in church on Sundays you can tag me there! God Blessings, BCarty Thank you!

  2. Christopher Phan

    Hello. I am interested in more about IMAGO. I knew about it a while back, but I really want to do something artistic and be active, now. I am a professional nail technician. I believe doing nail is a form of art. Nowadays, you can get very creative with it – such a small canvas. I have a strong interest in makeup artistry and photography. A little in graphic designing. This year I am actually volunteering for Celebration @ Houston First Baptist Church. I hope to be part of IMAGO, attend meeting, participate, and be active. My phone number is: 832.613.5630. I can receive text.

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