IMAGO’s Holy Week 2012 Art Show @ Houston’s First Baptist Church

This year’s theme is AMPLIFY: See the Art of Worship. The idea is simply to use a hymn or praise & worship song to inspire a work of Art. Each piece of visual, literary or performance art will serve as a reflection, metaphor, explanation, or amplification of how the song affects or inspires you. AMPLIFY will run from March 25th through April 8th. This show is for amateur and professional artists and the work will represent a wide range of skill levels, mediums, & styles.

Artist’s Submission: Each piece must be inspired by a hymn or praise & worship song. Artists must submit a written proposal for their piece combined with examples of past work to demonstrate their style and skill level. The submissions will then be reviewed anonymously by a jury and selected based on their fit to the theme and appropriateness to the venue. As always, Art means visual, literary, performance, etc.

  • Proposal – written description of Art piece that includes all of the following:
    —concept and meaning behind the piece including how the art relates to the song
    —explanation or description of final for
    —title of song, artist & lyric
    — list media and approximate size
  • Previous work – examples of 3-10 previous works should be submitted. Each work should be accompanied by
    —explanation of meaning behind the piec
    —media, size, date.
  • Submissions – must be received via email at Curator@ImagoHouston.org by midnight 11-09-11. All information should be attached to the email. Web links will NOT be accepted. A confirmation email will be sent after a submission is received. If you have not received confirmation 5 days after emailing your submission, please let one of the Imago leadership team know.
  • Submissions will be reviewed anonymously, so please leave your name off all submission items.
  • Alternatively, an electronic version of the final piece (digital image, word document, etc) may be submitted for consideration by itself, without accompanying examples of previous work. A written description should accompany the piece (see Proposal above).

Artist’s Commitment: To participate in AMPLIFY, the Artist must also commit to the following:

  • Participate in AMPLIFY artists’ meetings held the evenings of 1/22 and 2/19.
  • Attend at AMPLIFY opening Sunday (3/25), Meet the Artists Reception (3/28), and Easter Sunday (4/08).
  • Actively participate in the ongoing show.
  • Assist with show setup (3/19 or 3/20) and tear down (4/16).
  • Meet all deadlines (see Important Dates below).
  • Agree to & sign artist’s release.
  • Create faithfully the proposed work of art and deliver dry, completed, ready to hang work on 03-17-2012.

Artist Assistance:

  • Mentors are available to help amateur and aspiring artist with their submissions and proposals.
  • Scholarships will be available to those in financial need. Please include a description of this need with a cost estimate for supplies with your submission. However, presence or absence of financial need will not be taken into account by the jury. Number and amount of scholarships offered is subject to availability of funds and therefore, some worthy projects could possibly go unfunded.
  • If meeting the submission requirements is a problem, special considerations will be made on a case by case basis…please email Curator@ImagoHouston.org by 10-31-11.
  • If an artist is not selected to be in the show, a critique will be given to the artist by the jury explaining their decision and offering constructive criticism of the proposal and previous work.

Why a Juried Show?

  • To give amateur and aspiring artists experience with the submission process of a juried show in a friendly environment. The goal is to build confidence and encourage submissions to other venues in the future.
  • To resolve previous difficulties with artists pledging a specific work then withdrawing or significantly changing their work at the last minute.
  •  To provide time management assistance and support for artists. This allows enough time to fix any problems that may arise along the way.
  • To help the leadership, as well as the participating artist, journey as a community through the process from concept through final production.
  • To maintain a minimum standard of quality of the show as well as to prevent work that is deemed inappropriate for the setting in which it is displayed or deemed to be against the values or mission of HFBC.
  • As a reminder, this is a show by amateur and professional artists and the work will represent a wide range of skill levels, mediums, & styles. Amateurs are encouraged to submit.

Selection Process:

  • Preference will be given to active members of IMAGO.
  • Submissions will be reviewed anonymously.
  • Submissions will be reviewed in November by a jury of 6-7 persons.
  • A vote of 4/6 or 5/7 is required for approval.
  • Notifications will be sent out by 11-22-11.
  • Failure to meet any of the above requirements may result in being removed from the show.
  • The jury with a vote of 4/6 or 5/7 or the HFBC Leadership Team reserves the right to remove any work at any time if deemed inappropriate for the setting in which it is displayed or to be against the values or mission of HFBC.
  • If selected for the show, the final piece must be delivered dry & ready to hang on 03-17-2012.

Important Dates
● 10/31/11 – DEADLINE: Requests for special consideration
● 11/09/11 – DEADLINE: Submission of proposal due by midnight
● 11/22/11 – Notification of acceptance sent out by Jury
● 01/22/12 – Artists’ meeting 3-4pm (Photo of work in progress due)
● 02/19/12 – Artists’ meeting 3-5pm (Bring work in progress to “Spark”. If necessary, photos may be brought instead)
● 03/17/12 – DEADLINE: Finished Product Delivered to HFBC
● 03/24/12 – Prayer meeting
● 03/25/12 – Opening Sunday (show starts)
● 03/28/12 – Meet the Artists Reception
● 04/01/12 – Second Sunday
● 04/08/12 – Easter Sunday (Final Day)
● 04/28/12 – IMAGO Coffeehouse: Art & Worship (7-9:30p @ Fellowship Center of Houston’s First)

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