Fredna Manney

This is Your House
Oil on canvas
44″ x 60″

Artist Statement

History of the setting:

Near the Texas town of Schulenburg is a small community called Dubina, where one of the painted churches of South Texas is located. Just down the road from Dubina, is New Dubina, a historical Western town of many buildings, built and furnished over a period of 25 years, by Jimmy and Carol Helms.  This church is the smallest church in Texas and is located on the property. It seats 22 people.

Fredna Manney is a native Houstonian with a passion for painting events of Texas, and a special interest to celebrate Texas moments. In acknowledgement that the ability to paint is a God given talent, each painting is signed with TGBTG: meaning…to God be the Glory.

The signature frame is handcrafted of solid Honduras Mahogany, designed and made by Gary and Fredna Manney.


This is Your House, by Randy Phillips

This is your house
Father come & dwell,
This is your house,
A holy house of prayer
Where the lost and the lonely
Bring their burdens and their cares.
This is your house,
Lord come and dwell.

Holy Spirit overflow this place.
Decorate our walls with grace & mercy.
Let the healing and redemption
Find searching souls.
Lord have Your way
We humbly pray.
This is Your house.

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