Kaytha Coker

Mixed media: collage, acrylic
Sermon: Abiding (Psalm 119:11, John 15:7)

Artist Statement

My journey as a Christian has been wrought with struggles and very painful lessons learned in the full heat of the refiners fire.  Whether I have been running to God or, like Jonah, running from God, He has never been far from my heart and mind. One of the biggest lessons that I learned during my trial by fire is the immeasurable value of “hiding the word in my heart”, meditating on it day and night, abiding under the protective wings that only His shelter provides.  My art seeks to be an expression of what I strive for in daily walk with Him- surrounding myself with the word of God.

This particular piece was inspired by pastor Greg’s sermon series on Abiding.

Machaseh is the most common Hebrew word for a “shelter” and refers specifically to a place someone flees to for protection. This word almost always refers to a place which is safe from enemies because an ally is there to actively defend you.

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