The Power of Story – Week 1: An Introduction – An IMAGO/Midlink Series

This is the first lecture of 6 by IMAGO founder, Eric Reed, on the Power of Story.  Handouts have been attached for those wishing to complete the activities.

Answer Sheet Passages

A Biblical Foundation for the Arts 1 – 2nd Semester!

Midlink has begun again!  Join us on Wednesday nights from 6:30-8pm for round 2 of the great series by John Robertson, A Biblical Foundation for the Arts.

Intro to Theological Aesthetics – Lesson 6

Twentieth Century: Barzun

Intro to Theological Aesthetics #5

Intro to Theological Aesthetics by Christi Williams, PhD

Week 5:  Postmoderns: Kierkegaard

Intro to Theological Aesthetics – Lesson 4

Late Moderns and Post Moderns:  Kant and Nietzsche

Intro to Theological Aesthetics – Lesson 3

Medievals and Early Moderns:  Aquinas, Calvin, and Luther.

Intro to Theological Aesthetics: Lesson 2 Podcast

Podcast #2 from Christi Williams, PhD.  in the series, Intro to Theological Aesthetics.  This lesson covers several medieval period philosophers.